Support Independent Film!! and general weirdness!!!


A good friend of mine and purveyor of alternate realities, the one and only Taylor Cohan, has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund an independent movie he is producing in New York City.  The movie tells the story of an awkward romance between two characters on the fringes of society who use one another in more ways than they realize.  The synopsis on the Kickstarter page goes like this…

Flushing Flush is a dramatic comedy about questionably autistic Eugene, and his happy ending masseuse Amy, and the unlikely bond formed between them when Eugene is fooled into helping Amy escape sex slavery.

The two have extremely distorted views of reality and are able to find comfort in one another. As their relationship grows, Amy regrets taking advantage of Eugene. She realizes that she has put him in serious danger and must make a big choice in order to find their happy ending…

If I know anything about the filmmaker (and I know alot more than I’d like to), I can tell you that this film is going to be an unsettling insight into a character that has a deeply distorted perspective of reality, and will have you questioning whether or not this person lies within some deeply buried part of your own personality.  Take a look at the teaser on the Kickstarter page and decide for yourself:

Flushing Flush Kickstarter

If that didn’t convince you, take a look at some of his other work, and that of his creative team:

Psychic Cheerleaders: Dawn of the New Age from Taylor Cohan on Vimeo.

Prom King from Taylor Cohan on Vimeo.

THE VIRGIN HEROD from Xander Robin on Vimeo.

Notice the man who’s falling apart is the man eating corn and sacrificing cheerleaders to Satan is the man who’s obsessed with dumplings and happy-endings from young asian masseuses.  Actor Michael Patrick puts his versatility to the test again with this new character, whom he’s bound to bring to life with unsettling believability.

If you’d like to support independent film or deeply disturbed individuals or both, please consider donating to the cause.  Any little bit helps, and there’s incentives for every donation, including Producer credits, a Blu-Ray of the final product, and even a short story about you written by the madman himself!