Why the government does NOT have a bigger concern than gay marriage.


So if you haven’t gotten on the internet at all the past couple days, you may be surprised today to find your news feed painted red. A little more digging might reveal to you that it all has to do with gay marriage. So what about gay marriage, you ask?  Well since you’re too lazy to do a quick google search, I’ll spell it out for you.  Due to a supreme court hearing about California’s Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriages Tuesday and a discussion about striking down the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday, millions of gay rights advocates showed their support for the cause on social media websites (meaning facebook).  Now of course with any social media trend, there have been some dissenters.  And while most of them can be dismissed as hateful bigots, there are some attempting to be rational and reasonable in their refusal to support the cause.  The most frequent opposing response is that the government has ‘better things to do.’  It’s an amazing coincidence that the majority of these responses came from far-right conservatives, and so seemed like a safe way for them to cover up their real opinions about the issue by simply changing the subject, but for those who legitimately think that this is a sound argument, let me offer my two cents.

First of all, just to clear the air, there is absolutely NO REASON to oppose gay marriage or federal rights to same-sex couples that does not stem from hate, fear, or senseless adherence to tradition (or just general squeemishness). You may say, “But Logan, marriage is an institution of religion, so shouldn’t religious institutions make the final call?” Well let me begin my rebuttal with BULLSHIT!! Marriage and religion both developed before recorded history, and our earliest religious texts describe marriage and its rituals, so it can be argued that marriage actually predates religion.  Also this is just another semantic argument to avoid the issue, because marriage clearly has more influence on a person’s role in society and legal status than in their church.  But one might say, “But Logan, gay couples can get civil unions and domestic partnerships. Isn’t that enough?”  And my response would be an outright NO, YOU DUMBASS!!  Was 3/5 of a vote enough?  These are human fucking beings, just like you!  You’ve done absolutely nothing to earn the right to marriage, so you have no right to deny it to someone else.  This is ethics 101 people, the golden fucking rule!

But I’m not going to sit here and debunk all the inane reasons to oppose gay marriage.  This post was to debate the argument that the government ‘should have bigger concerns.’  While I agree that the government has some HUGE issues to deal with right now, not the least of which being economic reform, they have been making consistent progress on most of these issues for the past few years.  And while this may not be a big issue to you, it is a HUGE issue to the people it will affect, probably the biggest political issue to them by far!  So to say that because it’s not a big deal to you, that it shouldn’t be a big deal to the government, is selfish and narrow-minded.  Moreover, this is a human rights issue, one that should have been settled decades ago, so it should take some sort of precedence.  Furthermore (I am KILLIN’ IT with these transition words today), let’s not forget that there are literally hundreds of branches and committees and subcommittees that comprise the government, so just because the Supreme Court is ruling on this, and millions of people are showing their support for it, does not mean the rest of the government has stopped what it’s doing to pay attention.  The government, like a kid with ADD, has the wonderful ability to multitask, so whenever anyone says that the government is ‘focusing it’s attention’ on something, please feel free to call that person a dumbass.