Welcome to Duckrabbits.  My name is Logan Rees, and I’m a writer.

What is a duckrabbit?


The duckrabbit is an image used in the philosophical teachings of Ludwig Wittgenstein to describe how our perceptions of the external world are inherently deceiving.  As you look at the image, it shifts from looking like a duck to looking like a rabbit and back again.  Nothing about the image changes, it is only your perception of the image that changes.  For Wittgenstein, this became an ever-present state of mind that informed all of his perceptions of reality, and kept him in a state of constant disbelief of what his senses told him.

About Duckrabbits

Duckrabbits is meant to be a place to find articles and information that will challenge the way you have viewed reality thus far.  That and some random bullshit that I decide to write.  Feel free to join the discussion on any topic, but keep in mind that no one, not even you, really sees the whole picture.

If you like what you see, check out my website.  Chock full of music, films, and other shit to waste your time on.

Also check out my new series The Rise of the Fallen.

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